Chimera Entertainment is an experienced independent development studio for digital entertainment software with more than 20 released games and a focus on mobile and PC games.

“Angry Birds Epic”, released in June 2014, is Chimera Entertainment’s biggest international success to date with more than 80 million downloads worldwide. “Sacred Legends”, Chimera's latest production was soft launched in June 2016.

Founded in 2006, Chimera now employs close to 50 people in the heart of Munich and is the largest team within the developer network of production house remote control productions. The studio has developed more than 20 games across five platforms, including “Angry Birds Epic”, ”John Woo’s Bloodstroke”, “Demolition Dash” (winner of the German Developer Award 2011) and the RPG word-puzzle game ”Word Wonders: The Tower of Babel”, winner of the German Computer Games Awards 2013 (Best Mobile Game) and the massively multiplayer online strategy game “Warstory - Europe in Flames”.


Starting with only a prototype for a game called Windchaser, the core team (then consisting of three people) managed to close a deal with former German publisher dtp Entertainment, which in turn led to the founding of the company. NDisregarding overtime or holidays entirely, we put all our efforts into completing our entrance ticket into the gaming industry before money ran out – and we not only succeeded in creating a game we’re proud of to this date, but also in closing a follow-up deal.

As an early adopter of new technologies like Unity3D or Microsoft’s Silverlight, we quickly improved efficiency and made another couple of games, including our first multiplayer online game “Warstory - Europe in Flames” and several smaller mobile games like “Ravensburger Memory”, “Farm Fever”, “Demolition Dash”.

Eventually, our relentless output of innovative new concepts lead to a deal with Rovio, resulting in our biggest success to date: Angry Birds Epic.

What we’re currently working on / goals for the future

With RPGs and strategy games always being our favorite genres, we’re following up with two brand-new, huge mobile RPGs, as well as working on a new strategy title for PC. With the flexibility and willingness to adapt to the market, you never know what might be the next game from Chimera Entertainment – but we’ll make sure as hell that it will blow you away.




We’re in the gaming industry because we are gamers by heart, we love what we do, and we always strive to deliver the very best experience to our audience. With true passion, commitment and enthusiasm we put our heart in every new game!


Our future depends on flexibility. Responding to the markets fast-changing needs is the only road to success. We’re not restricted to certain genres or platforms – we’re able to adapt to an ever-changing environment, in game-design as well as technology.

Team Spirit

It takes a great team to make a great game. We foster juniors as well as bring in industry veterans to create a work environment where we learn, improve and share knowledge every day. We energize, respect, support and encourage - we believe in people!


Our goal is to get better with every game we make. In terms of quality, in finding and keeping the staff that makes our games stand out, in developing multiple games simultaneously, and in constantly shaping our infrastructure to improve our daily work.