An elaborately designed point-and-click adventure about a depressed, grumpy and talking bread with lovely graphics and of course lots of amber-ended gags.

Bernd the Bread DOES NOT like to be here. Not in this plastic costume. Not in this computer game. And certainly not with chili, the Stunt Sheep and Briegel, the inventor-bush. Because they claim to be his friends. Bernd sees things differently. For real friends would never squeeze him in a silly outfit. To fight crimes with him as THE superhero trio “THE IMPOSSIBLES” , right? Crap!

Let’s go! Help Bernd, Chili and Briegel to uncover the secret of the disappearance of the “Sick and Skat playing Yakk” statue, interrogate street mimes, take on mad world conspirators, travel on a scooter through time and stop the invasion of the Llamas! And all this in a non-breathable costume… Poor Bernd!