Unleash your inner monster! No one is safe from the manic mayhem and chaotic carnage in Demolition Dash.

Take control of the tiny monster named Zilla and annihilate everything in sight: wipe out SWAT teams, blow up cars and rampage through eight of the world’s greatest cities.

Destroy or avoid everything that gets in your way with Zilla’s mighty roar and powerful jumps! Demolition Dash is a unique platformer with stunning new game play features that’s easy to play yet challenging to master. So unleash Zilla and start wreaking havoc today!

While you complete the game level by level in eight of the world’s major cities in World Rampage mode, you have to survive in Endless Run mode while deadly enemies and dangerous obstacles keep getting harder and harder. Enjoy unlimited gaming fun today – with fantastic graphics and animation and native support for Retina Display and iPad. Everything is destructible! So go for it! Rampage through the world’s greatest cities today! ‘Cause little Zilla just wants to play!

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