WARSTORY offers you a co-operative MMO strategy experience in your browser. Deploy over 50 authentic units from the Second World War in dynamic real-time battles.

WARSTORY Europe is a free-to-play, massively multiplayer strategy game set during World War II. Massive amounts of players fight cooperatively on the allied side to defeat the German Wehrmacht. Players command their own allied companies, consisting of powerful combat units and individually specialized heroes. Dynamic real time battles demand quick and tactical thinking. Choose between the American and Soviet army to decide the race to the ultimate goal in the largest war of all times: Berlin!

The game offers a selection of customized upgrade options and consumable items that can be purchased with coins – the game’s currency. Skylancer‘s gameplay is time-critical and based on gold and score hunting: Get experience and ingame gold to gain levels and unlock new islands and features like storage slots and various battle bonuses.

The game is based on the successful „free to play with in app purchases“ business model. An attractive treasure chest mechanic plays a special role, and encourage players in the long run to discover amazing items and rewards.