Mission Genesis launches you into a gripping 3D real-time strategy game set in the distant future.

The 3D science fiction browser game “Mission Genesis” sends the player out into space with an individually customized fleet. They command space frigates and battleships in thrilling multi and single player battles.

The Earth and the Milky Way have ceased to be able to support human life and now the remnants of mankind travel the distant wastes of the universe like nomads. They are seeking further powerful artefacts which once gave rise to revolutionary technical advances on the mother planet Earth, and which enabled space travel itself.

You will join one of three factions – the Oracle Brotherhood, the Galactic Dominion, or the Antares Syndicate. This will hand you the command of a ‘Mothership’ and its attendant fleet, with which you will then set out on the trail of a long extinct race, as you ultimately seek the origins of the Genesis Rays.

Resources are scarce and the ones that you will find will be hard fought-over, and so you will constantly find yourself in bitter combat with members of your own, as well as other factions – breathtaking space ship battles are a given.

Invite friends to follow you, or link up with other players in order to master the long and arduous journey. But the way can also be conquered alone, for as time passes you will become stronger and stronger and you will be able to equip your fleet with ever more advanced technologies and mould it into an unconquerable armada.

Join up with Mission Genesis now, a game which really will give you feeling of actually flying through space. So don’t forget to put on your space suit.