A versatile free2play MMO browsergame that requires as much strategy and tactics as thirst for adventure and curiosity!

Developed by Chimera Entertainment, the massively multiplayer online game not only offers a fantastic steampunk world in comic style graphics, but also a unique blend of building strategy, cooperative gameplay and tactical PvP and PvE Combat, not often found in the browsergames genre.

As the ruler of a flying island, the player enters the race to reach the moon. Artifacts of a legendary race lie buried on the gleaming blue orb, promising to provide the player’s faction with a decisive advantage in the battle for the world of Horizon. Until construction of the tower to the moon is completed, the MMO-player will experience countless adventures in the fantasy world and enter into PvP battles with the other factions.

With a diversity of gameplay elements and opportunities for creating strategies, Skylancer – Battle for Horizon provides a complex and gripping experience which is easily accessible to casual game players as well, not least thanks to the intuitive gameplay principle and a detailed tutorial.